Why us

Why attend Little Angels? 

nurse Constant care by experienced and licensed pediatric staff – RN, LPN, CNA.

physiotherapy (1) Developmental therapy provided by pediatric Therapists (OT, PT, SLP)

health-insurance Our expert staff will handle all your insurance and admissions paperwork.

ambulance Our staff will arrange for daily round-trip transportation accompanied by a licensed EMT during transit

group Children avoid social isolated due to the interaction with other children of similar developmental needs and in constant company of medical professionals.

meditation Compared to in-home care, center-based care is less stressful for the parents, patients and healthcare workers.

education Strong emphasis on ongoing in-service training for staff and guardians.

communication We focus on patient-centric, coordinated care – communicating with all relevant parties on all issues.

disability We provide on-site wheel chair fittings, Ankle-foot Orthosis (AFO), adaptive and augmentative equipment evaluation.

hand-wash Infection control is taken very seriously at our centers

medical-records We rely on healthcare analytics and electronic medical records to monitor long-term trends related to a child’s health and development.

doctor Our Medical Director remains steadfast in conducting healthcare quality audits and enforcing strict protocols.

route In case of a medical emergency, we are strategically located within minutes of major hospitals.